Listen to what people are saying about Scripture Cookies®

    "We have them in a large bowl on the kitchen counter. They're delicious -- and they don't crumble like some of fortune cookies. " FE, OR

    "What better way to evangelize than to have the results of a good cookie affect one's thinking!" JP, PA

    "Wow! What a hit! I took some to work and Christians, but especially non-Christians, were eager to read the message inside. " JM, NY

    "The cookies were a great hit with students and teachers!" LP, CA

    "The cookies are really cool." JR, Washington, DC

    "[Minnesota Vikings football player] Cris Carter was passing out cookies before practice. Here, have a Scripture Cookie®, he told a reporter." Star Tribune, 9/19/94

    "Thanks for making my shopping so easy!" MS, MN

    "I passed them out to those tough infantry guys in my battalion and their faces lit up. Six months away from home is a long time and your cookies make a difference." JS, APO AE

    "Isn't God just awesome with the ideas He helps come up with?!!" OE, Alberta